Child, you are unwanted, a misconceived
Enigma in the adult scheme of things,
No portion of the hope that gives us wings,
So you will be made as if you never lived.

I have no words for my regrets,
I cannot even mime my grief,
I am the coin that pays my debts,
A cancelled cheque, an annulled life.

You are a failure, Punk, a criminal,
A poor man, beggar, lunatic and drunk.
You do not know to what depths you have sunk.
You will be educated in a gaol.

I have been tutored by my chains.
I am as upright as my bars.
Give me a chance to be a man again.
Just try to overlook my scars.

Yours is an abject and abysmal race,
An obstacle to progress, a mistake
Of nature, Jew, a  treacherous fake.
You are a problem to be solved en masse.

Don’t you see from my haunted eyes
And my emaciated limbs
How deeply I apologize
For being born the man I am?

You are an editor who uses socks,
A lunatic that won’t co-operate,
And though, up to this point in time, your slate
Was clean, you are indefinitely blocked.

There are already in this world
Tyrants enough, more than enough
Cast, it may be, in the same mould
As you, you stupid shit. Get stuffed.


At Wikipedia, I was accused of having sockpuppets and I was blocked indefinitely. It was complete nonsense. I had multiple accounts but they were started and abandoned one after the other, with open decalarations and links to avoid deception. The indefinite block might have been lifted if I had shown myself to be really sorry for my antics. Self-defence was not an option at that point. Defiance was tantamount to Wikipedia suicide. Why was I defiant? I owed it to the victims of worse injustices who never had a chance to shake their fist and laugh. Wikipedia is full of compliant victims. They and their tormentors will soon be the only Wikipedians left. So much for the world’s encyclopaedia! I am still indefintely blocked. Hooray.


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