Carpet Python

carpet snake

There is a python ten feet long,
As quiet as a mouse,
A muscle flexible and strong
That hangs around my house,

Feeding – on what? I never ask:
Maybe the neighbours’ cats
Or, with them gone, he has the task
Of getting rid of rats.

But in this country pythons never,
I have been told, eat blokes
Or, if one tried, however clever,
He fails at last and chokes,

So if some day you see me in
A coloured leather coat,
Help me! It is a python’s skin
And I’m stuck in his throat.


I have a lot of tree frogs around my house and therefore I have a lot of tree snakes. I don’t mind the green tree snakes. They don’t get bigger than six feet and they are pythons i.e. they are not venomous. But lately a ten foot carpet python has moved in and I am a bit wary of treading on it in the dark. I also have brown snakes at ground level and they are highly venomous. So when I go outside in summer, I am not sure if I should look up or down.


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