Art is a thing we hang on walls,
Concealing cracked or flaking plaster,
Or substitute
For sport that blokes that have no balls
Engage in. Done by an old master,
Though, it means loot.

Sex is a quest for pleasure not
An act of love or reproduction.
Bosoms are fun bags.
Weddings are superstitious rot.
One may enjoy without state sanction
The women one shags.

‘God’ is an expletive best deleted
But ‘arsehole’ is a useful, all-round
Term of abuse.
Eternity is a circle never completed.
I prefer coins instead, hard, round
Things I can use.

Charity is the outcome of neurosis
Used as a counterweight for guilt.
I’m innocent.
The Ten Commandments were written by Moses
(Who today says ‘shalt not’ or ‘shalt’?)
In an Old Testament.

A thing may be valued if it wows
And most things ancient are a sham
But Latin ‘quid’
Means something and life (for those with nous)
Without it isn’t worth a damn.
Mankind is Id.


I think we all subscribe to these principles whether we know it or not. Life is a process of grappling with them. I don’t think we can form a real set of values without this ugly background.

Current draft: 23 August 2014


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