The Quantum Thing


Raindrops on the rails that stop
Us falling off
The edge of the verandah, hang,
A lynched gang,

Underneath their gallows sky.
What was their crime?
They dare not fall. They don’t have wings.
Trees sprout rings,

Atoms orbits making jumps
In quantum leaps
That keep each new growth from the next,
Like a text

Paragraphed. Thus drops of rain
Need not remain
Rain but could, if they chose, just go
A rainbow

Angling back into the sky,
Water made dry.
But what on earth do raindrops know!

Make the jump before you fall
Or grab a rail
And hang there for the darkest crime,
Wasting time.


Adapt or die! The world is always changing and we have to grow with it. Easier said than done.

Current draft: 25 August 2015


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