Dandruff: in imitation of Wordsworh


I met a man who scratched his head
Like someone at a loss
And, when I asked him why, he said,
Shedding huge tears, “Ah Ross,

This dandruff is a dreadful thing,
The telltale signs offend;
They fall like snowflakes in the Spring.
Oh will it never end?

I’d rather be a Beduin
And sqat in an adobe
Than always stand in snow, a man
More miserable than Job.

Oh woe is me, oh misery,
How can I stop this slough?
Bury me in the cemetary,
My skin is coming off!”

He shed more tears and more white flakes,
Shaking his sorry head,
Till I replied: “For all our sakes,
I wish that you were dead.

Look all around you, see the world,
How well all things are made!
How can a skull just going bald
Put all that in the shade?

Open your soul, your heart, your eye,
Become a man of vision!
Love Nature and her works and buy
Something for your condition.”


Good enough for a joke.


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