Rocks and Breakers


The headland rocks rise from the ocean wash
As gaunt and harsh as castle battlements.
The breakers drag their tattered banners hence,
Lifting them once more out at sea and thence,
Time after time, surge forward, roil and gash
Themselves on shore with an almighty crash.
It is as if some passion in them, tense,
Urgent and not to be denied, some sense
Of right, propells them to this thunderous clash.

The rocks, locked in their battlements, look on
This turmoil seething at their feet unmoved.
By being patient, they have always won,
With no advantage gained and nothing proved.

Here, as I walk round these tumultuous acres,
My mind sides with the rocks, my heart moves with the breakers.


We all struggle to some extent for a proper balance between common sense and ardour. Common sense is appropriate for maintaining the status quo. If you want to create something or make big changes, you have to ignore realities and just go with the inner flow.


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