Just Living


Down this
Road amid nothing, keep
Walking, keep walking, dreaming
That somewhere there is hope.
So this is life. Don’t stop
But continue walking. I must
Not stop for anything.

“Come over here
Under this canopy
Of wood within the silk
Recess and stretch
Your limbs while bells toll
The anthem of repose.
Surrender all thought
Of walking on and on.
Look what I have brought:
Peace of mind. Get in
And, after you are rested,

Leave me alone.
I must not stop. I must
Continue walking, so
Much depends on this,
Everything depends
On walking, eyes
Staring, arms swinging,
Legs moving, daring
To hope without
Altogether caring.
Somewhere the road bends
Towards real living.



We have all been down this road at some time or other, especially in youth. Free verse is best suited to this sort of dismay or sense of loss. It is a reflection and not a measure of how I feel at the moment.


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