Water, Fire and Battle


Stars mirrored in the water are
Themselves completely still;
They seem to twinkle from afar,
It seems they always will

Until we touch the surface and
They all just disappear
Being as mortal as the hand
That scattters them, My Dear.

Goodnight then to the stars above!
Our stars are here below.
Touch me, hold me, kiss me, love
And never let me go.


Light pulsing from the candle flame
Breathes life into the air
And no two spasms are the same,
As if a mind burned there.

Quickly, before the darkness steals
Its warmth, you must allow
That everything around us feels
The ecstasy of now.

Must we now hurry our goodbyes
Before we are quite done?
Why must two lovers close their eyes
Before the light has gone?

What is to live if not to die
Whenever we must part?
What is the truth if not a lie
Unless felt in the heart?

Oh tell me what I want to hear
And not what I should know!
Just tell me that you love me, Dear,
And then I’ll let you go.

But if you go and love goes too,
That moment snaps my heart,
My mind, my life, my soul in two:
The true one stays one half.





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