How do you calculate the infinite?
Finger the abacus of stars all night
A billion years or more then multiply it
By every dream you ever had or minute
Since time began but don’t stop there: begin it
Growing uncontrolled, a cosmic cancer, right
Up to the close of time, yet keep things tight,
Telescoped on a roulette wheel. Now spin it.

Even all those recurring times and places
Still have a kick-off and must have an end.
The infinite is void; it has no spaces,
No time to get through, nowhere to extend,

The empty dream, believed in but not willed,
The promise lost, the talent unfulfilled.


Infinity is a difficult subject even for experts in whatever branches of knowledge deal with it. The easiest way to grasp it is to understand failure and lost potential, the promise that never came to reality. Succeed or join the infinite!

Current edit:

23 August 2014

26 August 2015


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