Mary’s Alumni Magazine


All that glitters isn’t gold.
Alpha becomes omega when it’s old
And Ivy gains a stronger hold.
Everything changes in a changing world.

Alumni and alumnae
Glimpse themselves in the windows passing by,
The strong, the weak, the bold, the shy,
Yet sunlight fades and all reflections die.

Mary thumbs the magazine
That says what chums have done and where they’ve been,
Which buds are wilting, which stay green
Or shelter pupae, furtive and obscene,

And which now shower with fragrance all
The garden guarded by her memory’s wall,
Herself among them, standing tall,
Crowned with her natural foliage, laurel.


I wrote this after reading Mary Beard’s LTS article about the alumni magazine for Newnham College, Cambridge. I figured I might as well have another crack at a Mary theme since the 6 sonnets on the same theme are currently stuck in the mire of uncertainty and may never get finished.

I posted the poem in the comments of her blog, except there I mispelt alumnae as alumniae. It is as much an English word as a Latin word but I can be relied on to stuff up in any language when putting my work on display. It is a comic habit of mine. The blog is  here:



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